Bike Show

The 2024 Bike Show date is Sunday Sept. 9th. Registration is at the corner of 3rd Street & S. Saginaw Street

Click HERE for a list of past winners.


Awards are given across eleven categories:

  1. Best of Show
  2. Best Builders
  3. Best Touring
  4. Best Restored Antique
  5. Best Antique (1990 and older)
  6. Best Sport Bike
  7. Best Rat
  8. Best Stock Custom
  9. Best Manufactured Custom
  10. Best Euro
  11. Best Mini Bike


Prizes are awarded for Best in show Builders, Restored Antique, Antique, Rat, Trike, Stock Custom, Manufactured Custom & Euro: TBA

Best Touring, Sport, Stock Custom, Mini Bikes

First Place: TBA

Second Place: TBA

Third Place: TBA

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